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Social Security Disability Lawyer

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    Social Security Disability Lawyer

    Any matter to do with Social Security disability calls for private legal support. If you want to ensure that you get the benefits you deserve as soon as possible, there is no time to waste. Whether your application has already been rejected and you’re now in the position of filing an appeal, or whether you are at the start of your application, hire a Social Security disability lawyer from BBA Law to help increase your chances of approval.

    Social Security Disability Lawyer - BBA Lawyers Are Here to Help

    How Social Security Disability Works

    People who are disabled and unable to work can collect benefits through Social Security Disability Income (SSDI). This service, however, is not automatic or a given, no matter how obvious a disability, and people must apply specifically to receive payments that adequately match financial obligations and needs. Here are some of the ways a person is eligible for SSDI benefits:

    • Cannot perform the work you once did before your disability.
    • Expect your disability to last for at least one year.
    • Have been given a determination from the Social Security Administration that says you cannot complete any other work because of your disability.
    • Have paid into the Social Security system by working long enough and recently enough.
    • Meet the Social Security Administration’s legal definition of disabled.

    Failing to meet even one of the particulars that the government requires for a person to be eligible for SSDI means you will be denied benefits. When you rely on a Social Security disability lawyer, you have an expert in your corner who knows where problems can arise, recognizes when details are missed, and gives you the best chance of having your application approved.

    Why It’s Smart to Hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer

    The general public does not typically understand the nuances of the SSDI system, but not knowing enough can be the end of your application. When you find yourself in a position of needing to know more than you already – and fast – a Social Security disability lawyer has answers.

    An experienced attorney knows the Social Security system and all its intricacies and understand all facets of the application and associated documentation. They are fully aware of the timeline that, if not fully observed, can tank your application. The point of hiring a Social Security disability lawyer is to get timely help, a quickly filed appeal or application for disability benefits, and the results you want.

    Your lawyer is prepared to get to know your case intimately and help you and your unique circumstances, no matter your age, gender, or profession. Everyone is different, but everyone deserves benefits if they fit the parameters.

    It’s Always the Right Time to Hire a Disability Lawyer

    If you feel confident about your disability benefits application and file it on your own, you may be shocked and devastated to be issued a rejection. It is not uncommon for first-time applications for SSDI benefits to be denied, though this knowledge undoubtedly does not help you feel any better. Don’t wait, don’t wallow, and don’t reach out to the Social Security office – it’s time to hire a Social Security disability lawyer.

    You can get legal help before or after you file for SSDI benefits – there is never a wrong time to acquire legal counsel where disability matters are concerned. Your lawyer will:

    • Help you get paperwork done correctly.
    • Increase your chances of approval.
    • Speed up the application process.
    • Explain and guide you through the appeal process.
    • Request a hearing with an administrative law judge.
    • Represent you in all proceedings.
    • Get the results you want and deserve.

    Hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer from BBA Law

    Have you been denied SSDI benefits? Are you working through your first application for disability benefits? Schedule a consultation with a Social Security disability lawyer at BBA Law in Shelby Township, MI. With our help, your chances of being approved for SSDI benefits increase exponentially. Contact us today.