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Social Security Disability Benefits

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    Social Security Disability Benefits

    Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are provided through Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), a form of insurance provided by the federal government. Individuals who have worked and had taxes taken out of their paycheck are entitled to disability benefits if they qualify and are found disabled. Applying for SSD or appealing a denial can be complicated. The attorneys at BBA Law in Shelby Township are prepared to help you access the benefits you have earned.

    Social Security Disability Benefits - BBA Law Is There to Help

    The Best Time to Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits

    Applying for Social Security Disability benefits in a timely manner is important, but even more vital is to apply in the correct way. Contacting an attorney for representation will help you get through every step of the application process right from the start, minimizing the chances of rejection and improving the likelihood that benefits will begin sooner rather than later.

    Common Mistakes SSD Applicants Make

    There are many steps SSD applicants must go through and, unfortunately, many missteps they make on their first attempt to collect benefits without the help of an SSD lawyer. Getting the details right and making sure you have the proper documentation for your application is critical. Any effort to get through the hoops as quickly as possible often leads to rejection.

    • Working too much: Applicants for SSD are permitted to work, but only for a limited number of hours a week. This ensures that you stay below a set income threshold. However, if you are working at all, the reviewers of your case will have questions about why you can’t work full-time if you’re already working at “substantial gainful activity” and putting in hours commuting.
    • Getting impairments wrong: If you file for benefits without reviewing the Social Security’s Listings of Impairments, which describe the medical criteria a person must meet to be considered disabled and eligible for SSD, you could miss a critical opportunity to be specific about your disability and interfere with your chances of approval.
    • Not collecting medical documentation: All SSD cases are medical cases and require medical documentation that shows a person has a life-altering disability that has impacted their ability to work normally. Medical information is the most critical paperwork needed to qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits.
    • Missing deadlines: If you get a denial for SSD after the initial application, there are 60 days to appeal the decision. Filing late will require starting over and waiting even longer for a decision. Getting legal support from the start will prevent any time-related errors from occurring.

    Defining Social Security Disability

    Determining eligibility for Social Security Disability involves delivering proof to questions like:

    • Are you currently working?
    • How severe is your condition?
    • Is your condition on the listing of impairments?
    • Does your impairment prevent you from doing the work you did previously?
    • Can you do any other type of work even with your impairment?

    Understanding the information the Social Security Administration needs to know and answering questions properly as they pertain to your unique circumstances is key – the support of an attorney is critical to make sure every element is covered. Rules for SSD can vary based on a person’s age, the type of work they have done in the past, and how significantly they have limited in doing basic work for the last 12 months.

    Hire a Lawyer to Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits

    One of the best things you can do for yourself when preparing to file for Social Security Disability benefits is hire an SSD attorney. Lawyers experienced in this area of the law understand the nuances of the SSD application, the explanations of medical conditions and disabilities, and the material that must be included to improve the chances of getting an initial application or appeal approved.

    Don’t be discouraged or overwhelmed by the requirements for SSD. Contact the team at BBA Law in Shelby Township to schedule a consultation.