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    Michigan SSI Attorney

    When someone is suddenly unable to earn money because of a disability, panic can set in. You want to apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) right away to protect yourself and your family from financial disaster. Don’t be too eager to submit that application though. Even if you are certain you’re eligible for Social Security benefits, the help of an experienced Michigan SSI attorney will give you a better chance of completing your application properly and thoroughly and doing so within the proper timeframe. Rely on the team at BBA Law in Shelby Township, MI.

    Michigan SSI Attorney - Attorney's at BBA Law Can Help

    How to Qualify for Supplemental Security Income Benefits

    When reviewing an application for SSI, the Social Security Administration has the task of measuring both an applicant’s income and assets. You can apply for benefits if you make very little money because you are unemployed, work part-time, or have a disabling condition, but these are broad parameters. A person is only considered disabled if the following applies:

    • You do not work, or you do work but have average monthly earnings that do not exceed a set amount.
    • You have a medical condition included in the SSI List of Impairments, which are all considered automatically disabling.
    • Your medical condition is severe enough that your ability to do basic work for at least one year is significantly limited.
    • You cannot do the work you once did because of your disability.
    • You are unable to do other work because of your disability.

    Applying for SSI benefits differs from applying for general disability. An SSI application measures the severity of a person’s disability and their inability to work, including the work they used to do daily or other types of work, related or otherwise. It’s so important to have a Michigan SSI attorney working on your behalf to ensure that you complete the application or appeal properly and give yourself the best possible chance of receiving benefits.

    Why It’s Critical to Hire a Michigan SSI Attorney

    The benefits provided to qualified SSI applicants are not based on work history. Even though the SSI program is funded by general revenue and not the same taxes that fund Social Security, qualifying for SSI is like qualifying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI): You must fit perfectly into that disabled category.

    When it comes to attempting to achieve benefits on your own or with the help of an SSI attorney, keep the following in mind:

    • There is a lot of paperwork that must be completed and provided to the government to qualify for SSI.
    • Applying for SSI benefits is complex and complicated – it’s easy to make a mistake and be denied benefits.
    • Having your application denied is discouraging and it makes you wait longer to receive the benefits you need to survive and support your family.

    A Michigan SSI attorney knows the SSI application in detail, so you can get the process right from the start. If you have already been rejected and are now in the appeals process, an experienced lawyer is the right resource to help you understand the SSI system, submit everything in a timely manner, and secure the financial benefits you deserve.

    Secure Your Best Chance for Benefits with a Michigan SSI Attorney

    Your chances of being approved for SSI benefits increase exponentially when you are represented by a Michigan SSI attorney. What you are attempting to achieve is not easy, and when you are already compromised by a disability and the stress of not working, getting help in securing benefits is the smart move. Schedule a consultation with a lawyer at BBA Law in Shelby Township and find out why it pays to have a legal expert on your team.