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    Child Custody

    Every move you make during your Michigan divorce will affect your children directly or indirectly. The life-altering decision to change your family dynamic will impact everyone in your household and preoccupy you before, during, and after your split. At BBA Law in Shelby Township, MI, our team of family law attorneys are ready to support you in all child custody matters so you can feel secure about your choices.

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    How Child Custody Works in a Michigan Divorce

    Michigan courts consider child custody very carefully. If your proposed custody plan or parenting time arrangements doesn’t make sense to the court given the kids’ ages and needs, adjustments will be made. Every move the court makes where children are concerned is done with the kids’ best interests in mind. It’s also important for parents to have a fair and manageable arrangement when it comes to caring for their children.

    There are two basic ways the courts categorize child custody in Michigan:

    • Legal child custody: Legal custody is almost always awarded jointly so both parents have a say when it comes to major decision-making for children, particularly in areas regarding education, healthcare, and religion.
    • Physical child custody: Physical child custody has two possible categories, both of which determine where the children live most of the time:
      • Sole physical custody: One parent, known as the custodial parent, has the children all the time and the non-custodial parent has reasonable parenting time.
      • Joint physical custody: Custody is shared by both parents and their time with the children is split reasonably.

    The Details of Michigan Joint Custody

    In modern households, joint physical custody is often the most reasonable choice in a divorce. Most parents work full-time and many work from home, which might turn them into the default parent regarding transportation, appointments, and school matters, but the right Michigan divorce settlement ensures that both parents hold equal responsibility in all things kid-related no matter their profession.

    When joint custody is selected over sole custody for handling parenting responsibilities after divorce, the following often stands:

    • Joint custody is arranged to meet the needs and schedules of both parents and raise the children, and sometimes creative arrangements must be made to suit custody and parenting time.
    • Typical joint custody arrangements might have the children with the non-custodial parent every other week, or once a week and every weekend.
    • The goal is also to achieve reasonable parenting time that suits both adults and the children. Once established, there isn’t much wiggle room which is beneficial to all involved, especially the kids who are more likely to thrive with a consistent schedule.
    • In an ideal situation, exes live near each other so they can easily manage the child’s school schedule and other obligations without interrupting their norm.

    Divorce impacts when you see your children, how often, and for what holidays or special occasions. Adjusting to being separated from your kids when you were used to seeing them daily is a challenge that many divorced parents must learn how to manage and accept. The choices you make about child custody determine where your children will be from day to day, when they will be there, and who they will be exposed to.

    Figure Out Child Custody with Help from a Divorce Lawyer

    There are many possible ways to work out child custody, and the only right way is the one that suits your family best. When you work with the divorce attorneys at BBA Law, you align yourself with experienced lawyers who understand the difficulty and nuance of separating the family life you once knew and transforming it into something new – all while respecting the needs of your children.

    Schedule a consultation with us to discuss your divorce, questions and concerns about child custody, and how we can help you feel confident about the choices you make as your marriage ends.