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    Divorce Lawyer

    Every divorcing couple approaches the dissolution of their marriage differently. Feelings and goals vary throughout the divorce process, but having an experienced divorce lawyer on your side ensures that you settle your split in a way that is fair and manageable and free of emotional decision-making. This legal and professional relationship with the divorce lawyer team at BBA Law in Shelby Township, MI, will shelter you from difficulties you may encounter along the journey to finalizing a Michigan divorce.

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    The Importance of Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

    Many people believe they can reduce the expense of getting a divorce by representing themselves, but the reality is that you do not minimize your financial burden by attempting a do-it-yourself divorce. Hiring a divorce lawyer may seem costly, but having an expert on your side advocating for you is what saves people from expensive and dangerous financial decision that could reverberate through the rest of their lives.

    Here are just some of the reasons it’s important to hire a divorce lawyer:

    • Your ex or their lawyer may take advantage of you when it comes to financial decisions like spousal support, debt obligations, or property ownership.
    • Divorce typically costs more when you don’t have an attorney.
    • A divorce lawyer looks out for you and keeps your interests at the forefront.
    • You don’t have family law experience or the knowledge of divorce legalese like a Michigan divorce lawyer.
    • Not having an expert on your side could cost you time with your children or impact child support negatively, whether you’re the one paying or receiving it.
    • A lawyer saves time through smart negotiations and astute decision-making regarding which divorce arguments are worth engaging in.

    How to Select a Divorce Attorney

    Making the decision to divorce is hard enough – now, you must select a legal representative. It can be difficult to connect with a divorce lawyer because you are in a state of overwhelm. Keep the following tips in mind so you can help yourself make the right choice without being swayed by emotion:

    • Listen to your gut: When something is just right, you know it – and when something is wrong you know that too. You’ll get a feeling from your potential divorce lawyer when you first meet. Ask yourself if they really care about your unique circumstances, if they are ready to go the extra mile for you, if they prioritize your children and whatever is most important to you.
    • Trust their experience: Not every attorney practices family law – find one who specializes. This level of expertise shows that your divorce lawyer is intimately acquainted with Michigan divorce law, has good relationships with the Friend of the Court and family court judges, and knows what the state of Michigan requires to end a marriage.
    • Know the kind of attorney you want: Do you want a lawyer with a strong, forceful voice in divorce court but someone who can offer a gentle, understanding side out of court? Don’t underestimate the importance of gelling with a divorce lawyer’s personality – ask how they operate and look for the characteristics that matter most to you.

    No matter what your primary area of concern is within your divorce, choose the divorce attorney who has the experience and success rate to settle the dissolution of this marriage the way you want it. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about whether they rely on outside resources like financial experts or private investigators. Find out if they will be there for you after the divorce to deal with any post-judgment matters that arise.

    Hire a Michigan Divorce Lawyer in Shelby Township

    At BBA Law, we respect your individual needs and approach your divorce with your unique goals in mind. Contact us to schedule your initial consultation and find out how our experienced attorneys can help you through this process.