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Copyright Infringement

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    Copyright Infringement

    When copyright infringement is in the public eye, it’s usually in the form of a copyrighted artist accusing another artist of copying or using their work without their permission. This could apply to music, art, literature, videos, and any type of unique creation. At BBA Law in Shelby Township, we provide legal expertise in the area of copyright infringement for anyone who believes their copyrighted work has been infringed upon by an unwelcome party.

    Copyright Infringement - BBA Law Is There to Help

    Definition of Copyright Infringement

    The general definition of copyright infringement is copyrighted work that is reproduced, distributed, performed, or publicly displayed without the permission of the copyright owner. If the copyrighted work is made into a derivative work without permission (think song parodies), this also qualifies as copyright infringement.

    Examples of Plagiarism

    With so much information shared online by being made into screen shots and memes and transmitted all over social media and email, it can be confusing to know when the content being relayed is an infringement on copyright, an admiration of material, or simply a sharing of details.

    Images and text are two of the most common types of plagiarism and copyright infringement, and the act is typically committed when using an image or text without informing the owner. The internet has made copyright violations even easier to commit.

    Here are some of the most common examples of copyright infringement:

    • Recording a movie in a theater.
    • Using copyrighted music or lyrics in a video for a company website.
    • Posting copyrighted images on a business website.
    • Using stock photos on a personal website without a license.
    • Copying academic writing without attribution.
    • Copying any tangible creation from someone else to publicize it or post it on your own website or social media sites.
    • Creating merchandise with copyrighted words or images.
    • Modifying an image and posting it on a company website.

    Proving Copyright Infringement

    Sometimes, plagiarism is committed unknowingly and with good intentions. For example, a person admires a material so much they want to keep it themselves or honor it by spreading it around. When you believe your copyrighted work has been infringed upon knowingly and with bad intentions, it’s your right to pursue legal action to protect your work.

    Proving copyright infringement, however, can be a challenge in court, even if the case seems quite clear. Hiring an experienced copyright infringement attorney is necessary so you can establish that you own a valid copyright for the work and have the legal authority to file a lawsuit. Your lawyer is also tasked with proving that the defendant copied the identified elements of your copyrighted work without permission.

    Copyrights Are Everywhere

    Every child is taught about plagiarism in school and to avoid committing it by quoting their sources, footnoting their research, or sticking with materials that are considered fair use. Lessons are taught that all creators should get credit for their original work, especially because it is copyrighted to them.

    In the music world alone, for example, there are several types of copyright, including Public Performing Right, Public Performance License, Reproduction Right, Mechanical Licenses, and Synchronization License. Performances, digital downloads, streaming, visuals, and composition are just some of the elements that fall under copyright in the musical arena.

    Copyright infringement also extends to:

    • Books
    • Academic writing
    • Films
    • Videos
    • Social media posts

    Get Copyright Infringement Legal Advice in Shelby Township, MI

    Protecting yourself from committing copyright infringement is just as important as ensuring that no one plagiarizes your own work. Understand what copyright laws protect and what you can do if your original material has been infringed upon. Contact the attorneys at BBA Law in Shelby Township, MI, to discuss your circumstances and find out your legal rights.